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Congress Overview

Welcome Messages

Reasons to attend

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Join us online at the IACAPAP 2020 Virtual Congress!

Daniel Fung, IACAPAP President

Michael Meaney, Keynote Speaker

Kang-E Michael Hong, Plenary Speaker

James Hudziak, Plenary Speaker

Gabrielle Carlson, Plenary Speaker

Valsamma Eapen, Plenary Speaker

Stanley Kutcher, Symposium Speaker

Takuya Saito, SOTA Speaker

Who should attend?

Who should attend?

  • Members of the IACAPAP constituent organisations
  • Mental health professionals, academics and researchers
  • General practitioners and paediatricians
  • School counsellors and allied educators
  • Community partners and service providers
  • Policy-makers, service managers across government and non-government sectors
  • Service users with lived experience and their caregivers
  • Anyone who is active in the field of child and adolescent mental health
About the Institute of Mental Health

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Counting down to IACAPAP 2020 Virtual Congress!